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Vitiating Factors

Vitiating Factors – 5 Major Vitiating Factors

Vitiating Factors are statements that drastically destroy or reduce the effectiveness of something or an agreement or contract which causes it to become faulty or makes it invalid. Vitiating Factors Affecting a Contract are: Mistakes. Misinterpretation. Duress. Undue influence. Illegality. Check out this post on “How To Answer Case Study Questions.” Mistakes: They are categorized …

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Law of Contract

A Contract Law is a formal or legally binding agreement. Though not every agreement is a contract, or is legally binding. There can also be a domestic agreement and much more… Classification of Contract Unilateral: A contract that one person has made on his own but involving many people. E.g. Carhill Vs. Carbolic Smoke Ball …

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