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Material Pricing & Stock Valuation?

The following are the main pricing methods that we'll look into at the cause of this study. 1. FIFO Method 2. LIFO Method and 3. Weighted Average Method
Intro on FIFO, LIFO, and Weighted Average.19:33
FIFO | First-In, First-Out16:37
LIFO | Last-In, First-Out12:24
Weighted Average Method15:14

Labour Costing?

There are different methods used in calculating labour cost. In this lesson, We will focus on three methods that fall under the PRODUCTIVITY SCHEME – they are; 1. Halsey Bonus Scheme 2. Halsey Weir Bonus Scheme and 3. Rowan Bonus Scheme.

Inventory Control?

These formulas have been abbreviated in this article just for reference purposes and to help you remember them without stress. Please do not abbreviate while solving questions on Inventory Control in tests and examinations. Watch the video below

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)?

This is the re-order quantity where the total relevant cost of inventory is minimized. EOQ is also known as optimal re-order quantity. It also the ordering quantity at which the control cost ordering is minimized.

Overhead Costing?

Overhead costs are those costs that cannot be traced directly to the level of activities of an organization. The overhead cost can be further described as “the cost of indirect materials, indirect labor, and indirect expenses”.

Contract Costing

Process Costing

Budgeting (Cash Budget)

Joint Product Costing

Standard Costing

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