Management Studies

Managerial Roles

Managerial Roles – Roles of A Manager

Managerial Roles or Roles of a Manager is a “Must-Know” for all intended managers, especially for management students. This article explains these roles and also, the personality traits and attributes of a manager. Please share this article on your social media handle. Together we share knowledge. MANAGERIAL ROLES Mintzberg identified (3) three group of roles …

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Public And Business Administration

PUBLIC AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Public administration can be defined as the organization and management of the government, government offices, and public sector companies. Business administration is the performance of management of the operation of a business. It deals with organizing the human resources and the other resources available to the organization in an efficient manner …

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Bureaucracy – What Is Bureaucracy?

This article is an overview of Bureaucracy. After reading through, you will be able to define Bureaucracy according to different scholars. In this summary, you will also learn the features of Bureaucracy, merits, and demerits of Bureaucracy. Bureaucracy Max Weber a German sociologist define bureaucracy as the administrative system which is organized rationally, impersonally and …

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Chief Executive Officer

Functions of A Chief Executive Officer

The functions and responsibilities of a Chief Executive Officer include Planning, Organising, Staffing, Coordinating, Controlling, Directing, Reporting and Budgeting. In this article, you will learn all these and more. The Chief Executive Officer The Chief Executive has fundamental roles in his day-to-day functioning to make the organization grow to an enviable position. He is to …

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Management Functions

In this articles, you will learn the four traditional functions of management and also the management function propounded by HENRI FAYOL AND LUTHER GULLICK. FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT The four traditional functions of management are planning, organizing, coordination, and controlling. Planning: This is the first traditional function of management. Planning involves looking ahead and mapping out …

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