Management Studies

Objectives of management

Objectives Of Management

OBJECTIVES OF MANAGEMENT In this article, you”ll learn the Objectives of management, Importance of management to modern day organization, and differences between Management and Administration. Feel free to leave a comment or questions below. The main objectives of managements are: To get maximum results with minimum efforts for the betterment of employers, employees, and the …

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AOC – Human Capital Management

AREA OF CONCENTRATION (AOC) ON HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (HCM) Be able to differentiate between each of them with a concrete and eye-catchy definition. Download PDF What is Human Capital? Functions of HCM. Importance of HCM. Objectives of HCM. Qualities of HCM. Define Compensation? Factors that determine compensation. Importance of compensation to employees. What is Man Power …

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purchasing cycle

Purchasing Cycle And International Purchasing

This article is sub-divided into two, Purchasing Cycle and International Purchasing. It is well-detailed and self-explanatory and will give you an insight on what Purchasing Cycle means and the steps involved, also, the meaning of international purchasing, merits and demerits, and the problems of international purchasing. Please share this article on your social media handle. Together …

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Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure And Purchasing

This article explains in detail what an Organisational Structure is all about and its relationship to purchasing. In this article, Organisational Structure and Purchasing, you will learn the main types of purchasing organisational structure, the various cost associated with holding a large stock of material, and reasons why organisations keep large stocks. Please share this …

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Source Selection

Source Selection – What Is Source Selection?

In one of my previous summaries, I talked about Outsourcing and Subcontracting. In this article, I’m going to help you understand what Source Selection means and all it entails. So, if you are still mixing up these concepts (Outsourcing, Subcontracting, and Source Selection) kindly leave a comment below. Source Selection Source selection or Sourcing refers to …

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Ethics In Purchasing – What Is Purchasing Ethics?

Purchasing Ethics or Ethics in Purchasing goes a long way to decide the fate of any organisation. This article explains it raw and goes straight to the point to explain what Ethics in Purchasing means, the ethical practices, the relationship between purchasing department and other departments and Purchasing as the bedrock of an organisation. Please …

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