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Importance of Accounting in an Economy

Accounting is no doubt, the universal language of business and figure. Those that fluently speak the language are called accountants. Without appreciating the importance of accounting, business and financial environment will be full of financial trouble, global economic meltdown and lack of direction. Now, what are the importance of Accounting? Subscribe to our YouTube channel …

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Contract Costing

Contract Costing – Format for Notional Profit

In this summary, you will learn the definition of the term Contract Costing, The Characteristics and Problems associated with a Contract, Terminologies in Contract Costing, Accounting for Contracts and the Format for Calculating Notional Profit. What is Contract Costing Contract Costing is a form of specific order costing method used for a project which takes …

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Vitiating Factors

Vitiating Factors – 5 Major Vitiating Factors

Vitiating Factors are statements that drastically destroy or reduce the effectiveness of something or an agreement or contract which causes it to become faulty or makes it invalid. Vitiating Factors Affecting a Contract are: Mistakes. Misinterpretation. Duress. Undue influence. Illegality. Check out this post on “How To Answer Case Study Questions.” Mistakes: They are categorized …

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Objectives of management

Objectives Of Management

OBJECTIVES OF MANAGEMENT In this article, you”ll learn the Objectives of management, Importance of management to modern day organization, and differences between Management and Administration. Feel free to leave a comment or questions below. The main objectives of managements are: To get maximum results with minimum efforts for the betterment of employers, employees, and the …

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